Change your thinking and you can change your world. I love how simple this statement sounds.

As with most statements this could work positive or negative.

Think back and remember a time when you completed a seemingly easy task only to hear how difficult other people thought the task was. Did your thinking change?

When I started riding bikes a few years ago I remember asking my salesperson Kevin Johnson, what a good workout would be and he told me people rode 100 miles. Without giving it much thought I planned my weekends around riding 100 miles. I had to do it on the weekends because my schedule would not allow.
At the time it took about as long as playing a round of golf.

It was just a few months later when I took my bike in for the 90 day maintenance check my thinking would change.

After dropping the bike off with the mechanic I strolled up to the front of the cycle shop to find my salesperson. As we spoke the mechanic came from the back of the store and shouted out “hey how old is this bike? I told him about 90 days old, then he said “what did you do to this bike.”

I explained my workout process including the 100 mile rides.

At that point the salesperson and the mechanic changed my thinking. They explained that riding 100 miles alone was too much. They said it was not normal.

I changed my riding habits after that.

I did not understand it is ok to live a life other people do not understand.

Do what you like and like what you do.

It is your life, enjoy it.