Today is about planning and my thought goes to sports. What is on your chalkboard for today?

That is a fair question for us to address today. What will it look like when the workday ends? Will you have accomplished any priorities or will you have sleepwalked through another day so you can collect your paycheck?

My day is outlined, and my priorities are set.

Just a glimpse of how my day starts between 5-9am:
  • Read my Daily Wisdom for Men devotional my wife bought me for Christmas, I am committed to read daily.
  • Text my wife encouragement.
  • I must post my blog (Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+ (you are reading, so I know it was done).
  • 7 am walk with my friend Stu (baring rain, otherwise it will be at the gym on the bike).
  • Review and post Facebook, LinkedIn, and clear email in box(time sucker, be cautious).
  • Shower and be ready for the workday.

There are time wasters that pop up each day and areas where time can be lost. If I complete my routines before my work day starts I will have won the day. I can then focus on moving forward in other areas of my life. Look closely at the list it includes my health, important relationships with God and my wife, it includes showing gratitude and paying it forward and reaching out in social media.

Do you have a  morning routine? Have you planned each day for your best day every time?

Each day you only get one shot, there are no redo’s, mulligans, or do-overs.

I challenge you to add one short, important task to your morning ritual.

Thanks for joining me today.

#10 Seconds Daily