I take my iPhone with me on my daily walk as it allows me to multi-task checking emails, making calls or checking social media. It makes me feel like my time is more productive.

I should tell you my approach may be flawed.

One of the great things about going for a walk would be to clear your mind. Being in nature taking in the landscape and relaxing.

I have found while walking are many thoughts such as things I need to complete, motivational thoughts, answers to questions which I have been considering.

All these great thoughts and not a paper and pencil to be found. I would tell myself to remember all these little nuggets of great information so I could write them down when I got home.

Do you know the biggest lie we tell ourselves, “I’ll write that down later”.  So many great thoughts gone not because I didn’t want to write them down, because I could not remember.

I had been searching for ideas on how to retain all those thoughts and decided to buy a mini recorder. During my walks I would carry the recorder to capture all of those thoughts.

So far it has been amazing. An hour walk would give me over a page of good notes, follow up, motivation, and future planning all captured. Once recorded the information can be played back and documented.

Now I have a plan to capture and put into action all those little things I could have missed.

What works for you, how do you capture those random thoughts?

What do you need to do to move forward?