I was listening to a speaker talk about learning and moving forward.

He reminded the listeners of the many ways to continue to learn when trying to grow. The simplest would to be to pick up a book and read, listen to a CD or watch a DVD.

I feel the speaker left out an important ingredient. If all there was to solving an issue was to know how to fix the current situation most of the problems in the world would be gone. The answer would be simple we would we would all go buy a book or google and read about how to fix it, one of those DIY books. There are thousands of these books and videos on how to remedy concerns.

We all possess the knowledge to resolve most of or own problems. For a simple example we know if we are overweight then we must adjust our eating habits and workout. The majority of us have been told how to eat and what to eat for a healthy diet. Yet there is a daily struggle to eat right each meal.

The problem is not in knowing. The problem is in taking action and doing what we know is correct. Or the DK vs DE. A deficiency in knowledge versus a deficiency in execution. It comes down to a choice. Do I do what I want now, or do I do what will give me the better long term results? Are we executing our plans?

My advice is if you desire to move forward everyday you must take action on a regular basis and execute the your plan. The most successful people do the little things better than anyone else.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.