Thirty years ago I was eager to try most any sport. I loved playing sports.

I was directed by a friend to answer a call for individuals interested in playing Rugby.

I had never heard of or seen a Rugby game, let alone play. But the invitation was enough for me to show up at the football field where they were holding try-outs. I watched for a minute and one of the guys from the field said “come on, you can play on our side”. I watched as the opposing team kicked the ball over my head to one of my team mates. So I tried to plow a hole for him to run through.

The whistle blew loudly and I wondered what the heck was going on. Who committed the foul that caused the stoppage of play.

It was “this guy”. My education had began. I was coached to understand there was no blocking in Rugby.

I went on to play a couple years and really enjoyed it once I understood the rules.

Does this happen to you at home or at work. You are trying something new and all the feedback you get makes you feel like you don’t belong?

What if you were coached to understand all the rules and why something is important?

My guess is that you would be much happier.

So if  you are the senior person in the room share what you have gained over the years. Most tasks are team efforts, make sure to include the team.

I hope this moves you forward on what ever tasks you are working on.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.