I enjoy social media. Every once in awhile a friend will post a great thought.

Today is was scrolling through and I ran into a post by Damon Bird. The point of his post was to say he was going to live life deliberately. Here is his actual post.

“Live life deliberately. All ambitions, choices, words, and passions need to be backed by deliberate thought and action in order to create focused accomplishments in the New Year.”

What would it look like if you accepted this challenge?

What if each time you made a decision you remembered you had decided to live deliberately?

Would that change your outcomes?

To me the great reminder is that many times we do have the choice to be deliberate and chose not to. We chose to take the easy road, go with the group or just take it easy out.

How could you impact your life by selecting one area to be deliberate? Maybe it is relationships, financial, spiritual or professional?

I need to get back to my social media and finish the blogs for this week. So now when I look at Facebook I will be deliberate in looking for great posts like this one.

Thanks for joining me and have a great day.