How can I make myself even more valuable than I was yesterday?

My suggestion is to be the go to guy/girl. Every business has that person who seem to know where everything is, how it works and what the back up is….

You might ask how they got that job? The process happens over time. They have the right attitude, when some┬ánew task comes up they never say “no”, or “that’s not my job”, or “that is not in my job description”. Once you have successfully completed these tasks several times they become assumed responsibility. Your supervisor now assumes it is part of your job description.

I am not saying it is a bad thing. You should be aware of how this works. It seems great when you start accepting some responsibility, be aware the more you do the more you will take on. Take on as much as you can handle.

One important key is to know when to say enough, or no. Many times your supervisor will assume you have plenty of time to complete all of the assumed tasks unless you inform them your plate is full.

So you want to be the go-to person?

I hope this thought moved you forward today, thanks for joining me.