Words that empower us.

I have been on a path for over two years and still think back and wonder what am I?

Trying to define what I am, and the message I want to leave you is important.

I billed myself the Attitude Coach, and this is a cool name. It is very general, to general for me. You see attitude encompasses every aspect of your life. I do hope to influence your attitude. But how do I reach you?

As I look back at the books and most of my messages they all seem to be messages of encouragement.

So I will encourage people and empower them to make simple daily choices to lead to a happier life.

The truth is success leaves trails. We do not have to re-invent the wheel. I am going to explore this topic with my next project called the New Normal. Talking about life changing events that change your normal routines of life.

You have a choice, and it all starts with one decision to move forward.

Don’t be defeated, start from where you are today and move forward. The first step is mandatory, there will be setbacks, keep moving forward.

It goes back to believing. I believe you have this!

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