Map your goals like a journey for best results.

How do you feel about setting goals?

I personally love setting goals and directing my future. For me setting goals is much like being a quartermaster on a submarine. Truth of the story is the path or journey is already set on paper months before most ships set sail. In the Navy the ship’s journey is mapped out years in advance. The Quartermaster verifies the path is clear.

Why is it so relevant to compare a ship to your life? Think about making a change in your life much like turning a large ship. It takes a great deal of effort to change a habit, it could take more than three miles to turn a ship. Sure sounds like a lot of effort to me.

Another thing I mentioned earlier is that a ships course is set well in advance. If you have goals you too can have a direction and map the course to avoid obstacles that could hamper your efforts, cost you time or prevent danger.

I am a sailor at heart with a desire to cover my journey for the very best results. You would never take a vacation without a destination in mind and a map to help you.

To me if my goal is not written there is no commitment, it is just a wish.

If your goal is to move forward then document it and make progress everyday to the life of your dreams.

Thanks for your time today.

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