Are You Proof-Reading Your Plan

22 Dec 2016

If you have ever built a web-site or had one designed by a web-master you may have found it to be a long process.

Maybe it is my personality, to me building a web-site is like watching paint dry. You can’t see the real color until the paint is completely dry. The web-site is much the same. For over a year we have put a one page together at a time and moved on to the next page with a vision of the end result.

Now we are at the final stages of completing the site and the colors are starting to dry. The picture of what the end result might look like coming to the surface.

To be clear, I have read these web pages many times during our year in our attempt to make the right web-site.

One more time this morning I read through each page much like an editor of a book might do. Looking for the perfect words to fit each situation. And to my surprise again I have found several changes during my proof-reading.

The question came to my mind, am I proof-reading my plans for the future?

How many reviews are enough?

My answer to you is until you are where you want to be continue to review your efforts. It takes courage to make tiny changes each day and change the outcome of your life. You have the power of change.

Remember it is not a knowing problem, for most it is a doing problem.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.



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