We all have to sell; do you remember the simple truth about it?

I have been in a workshop for a T-3 for the past three days, a Train The Trainer meeting. In many cases this is the point at which trainers are trained to present new information to a client. A controlled environment to work out the kinks in a new presentation. There was a point in our workshop where it felt like we were just giving information, a seminar. Understand a workshop is getting your client to talk. We had forgotten some of the basics. Much like selling a car, house or any other product or service.

When you are in sales, and we are all in sales from time to time. We need to always remember a few things such as who is your customer? Am I asking the right questions to provide my customer with the service or product meeting their needs?

We must always remember “it is NOT” what we sell, it is what they buy.

Without getting to deep into the psychology of selling remember this process is an emotional process. Our children have figured this process out. If you have children, or were ever a child, do you remember wanting something and negotiating with your parents until they cave in. We may have bartered with them, I’ll do the dishes for a week, or I’ll clean the garage. Are your customers like children. They know what they want?

So, if they know what they want, how do we get there.

Just ask them what they want and most importantly why…. Could it be that simple?

Success is in the small things.

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