Just last week I finished a long process of getting a certification. This was a  multi-year process and an extremely detailed review of all of the information submitted. In fact the review took more than four months.

When I think about certifications I believe you can get many differing types and they could range from spending a few hours in a swimming pool to be certified as a pool guard to may years earning an M.B.A.

I also believe the certifications could be for your effort at work events, hobbies or dreams of what you would like to become. I have always wanted to stand in front of a large ballroom in complete control of the emotions by only saying the right words, helping hundreds of people find their true calling or helping them get turned in the right direction.

The certification I completed several months ago was for me about education, respect and credibility from those already preforming in this field, the decision makers.

The process has been nerve racking at times, knowing you have a number of professionals reviewing and combing over your documented efforts of the past eight to ten years. Looking for specific elements. Without those elements the time will have not garnished their approvals. This was also the times you were afraid to tell your friends in fear that your certification would not be acknowledged, and approved.

The bottom line it is about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying to extend yourself to be a better you. This certification is complete and in a few months in front of my new associates I will be acknowledged with an elite group of professionals.

As of today, I am looking for my next adventure. Do you think I could write a best seller? I guess I will never know until I try!

Thanks for joining me today, keep moving forward.