Think back over the past week, have you been talking to strangers? I hope so!

Over the past forty plus years of my life, let’s just say I began talking to strangers in my teens. I know it is not safe and we teach our kids don’t talk to strangers. But I was an old soul and was curious, and the best way for me to learn was to ask questions. And so I did.

Meeting people became easier as I began traveling for work. Think about it, you sit next to professionals traveling the world to conduct business. The some of the stories were horror stories. But some of the stories are saved in my memories, they are treasures of useful information. I learned about different religions, different parts of the world and different people.

One day a gentleman was sitting next to me wearing some clothes of a specific religion and I ask him about the clothing and what each of the elements related to and how the clothing fit into the religion. I believe talking to others who are different in any way comes down to how you talk to them. These strangers become teachers only if we are willing to listen. So over the past fifteen years I have attended many learning sessions learning unbelievable things. So I thank all of my traveling professors who have shared with me and helped me move forward.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.