The guys on my team travel a lot. One of my team mates showed up for work happily displaying to everyone his new, smaller computer bag. He was really selling his story of “The Bag”! Then he wanted to get us involved, like a salesperson he said, “here see how lite my bag is now that I am not carrying all of the other junk.” As he handed me the bag, and the weight transferred from his hands to mine I thought to myself, “he is right.” His smaller, more compact computer bag, half, no it was less than half the weight of my bag!

Now I never told him this, when I returned to my hotel room that night I started emptying out my computer bag. First I went to the back pocket and found at least 6 extra cords, and adapters which had not been used in months. Then I took the tri-pod used for video shots, had not been used in a few months. Next I went to the front pocket where the pens, pencils and markers were stored. I’ll bet there were more than thirty writing utensils removed. Batteries, because I could need a new one, and change, clicker, pointer and….. the list just goes on. Oh, and if you could have seen the pile.

As I looked at the pile I could only think about all the junk we carry around every day in our minds and how much extra stress we put ourselves in by not cleaning out our minds. It is a simple message, clear the junk out so you can travel lighter.

If your mind is clear you can do so much more, and if you are trying to move forward every day it could be the road block to the big goals in your life.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.  Do your spring cleaning and make room for some new inventory!