As I am preparing my week and writing this blog the Election Looms in the near future. I will schedule this post for Friday the 11th of November and we should have a new president in the United States.

I can tell  you much like the Eboli Virus from a few years ago this crazy election will soon come to pass. If you remember eboli was a big scare in the Dallas area where I live. People were staying home and avoiding the hospitals.

Even Christian Believers were scared of this virus but as quickly as it came it was gone. We have adjusted our lives to handle some life threatening outbreaks.

When I think of these uncomfortable situations I can only rely on what the great Og Mandino says, “And this too shall pass”.

We will have a new president and by January we will be back to business as usual.

My personal belief is to pray for what I hope and plan for what ever happens.

I do know this for a fact, “times they are a changing”.

I am planning for progress in the upcoming year, and it is up to me and the decisions I make on what I can achieve.

I hope you are with me, let’s plan to move forward!