Many of my days are started with motivational videos, blogs or posts from Facebook. It gets me started off on the right track. Most of the content is from Darren Hardy, he publishes Darren Daily each week day.

I am drawn to his writing style because I believe it matches my own thinking. Like thinking and with an understanding of where thoughts are coming from and going to makes digesting content much easier.

One of his posts in the past week is very similar to what I have posted several times in the last few years. By honestly applying it to your life and you will be amazed.

Every decision you have made or deferred to date in your life has put you exactly where you are today barring any genetics.

The job you despise going to each day, you interviewed and accepted the position and continue to stick to it.

Your not healthy enough, you chose your diet each day when you order food and exercise program that you either do or chose not to take action.

Once you look in the mirror and are not happy how do you respond?

I looked in the mirror several years ago and thought I weight too much, and I went to work on my weight and am down twenty five pounds.

I looked at my job and I am happy to say working on a six year plan to get where I want to be, and I am ahead of schedule.

Remember if you are like me, you did not get where you are over night. It may take time to right you own personal ship. The key is how will you respond once you realize you are off course from your dreams and desires?

You control your thoughts start making the decisions today that will get you to your dreams of tomorrow.

10 Seconds Daily, one choice in the right direction is the first step.