I really enjoy listening to and watching speakers when they preform.

As a speaker we all have comfort zones. Some speakers like a hand held microphone and others like to have their hands free and use a wireless lapel mic. In watching these speakers over the years I see technology issues arise. Such as the hand held or lapel mic quits working, maybe the batteries go dead at the seemingly most in-opportune time.

At times there is a scramble for batteries or a back up. The back up may not be at the same comfort level as what the initial plans had included. I am not a fan of holding a hand held mic for more than a few minutes, give me a lapel mic every time.

Have you ever been there. You had a great plan and something changed. Your mind is racing as you stand in front of your group of 5-100 attendees, now what do you do?

My suggestion is to accept where you are and the tools you have working.

Then take a deep breath and go for it.

Do Not be paralyzed by the fear or discomfort of going to plan “B”.

If you act like it is not a big deal, it won’t be a big deal.

If you freak out… Well you know what is going to happen.

Thanks for joining me today.