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How 10 Seconds Daily Changed My Life

My name is Tim Marvel, and today I’m enjoying a happy, loving family and a career I truly look forward to every day. But it wasn’t always like this.

I have had over 40 years of success in retail, consulting and training. During my career, I’ve been one of the most sought after sales trainers, routinely coaching, leading and teaching large groups for days at a time. I love working with people.

After a serious accident on my bicycle and a grim diagnosis, I looked back on my life, wondering if the people I valued most knew how much I cared, how I had often pushed myself to the limits to contribute and achieve what many might consider to be great things?  Would I be remembered for making a difference?

It’s scary to recover from head trauma. It’s scary to wonder if I could think right again, let alone support my family as I wanted to. But I applied a simple principle to my life that changed everything, and I’m here to tell you, anybody can do this and see immediate positive results.

Today, I’m grateful. By applying a simple 10-second discipline to my life, and following up with a simple daily evaluation, I’ve been able to define my thought processes – but more importantly – I’ve recovered my life. And it’s what I want for you.

If you leave this site today with a 10 second prompt to begin your transformation, and apply yourself to the discipline to devote just 10 seconds to it each day, you will experience life change you never knew you could.

Tim Marvel