There are always things to be thankful for all around us.

It has been a hectic day like many. Surviving to lunch was a great accomplishment. I am standing in line at the local burger place. All day long I have been looking for a topic to be thankful for and little did I know I would find the topic here.

Waiting in line my mind wonders. Thankful, what is the meaning today?

Patience was never one of my strong characteristics. The people in front of me ordering a simple burger were testing those patients. We want a hamburger, no make that a turkey burger can we have cheese, no maybe we want grilled chicken. This went on for several painful minutes. From there the type french fries, or sweet potato fries and then to the drink water or coke-a-cola?

My topic became clear.

I am thankful to not agonize over simple decisions.

What are you thankful for today?

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