5 traits of a leader

Do I have your attention now?

When you have the opportunity to listen to life and death stories the lingering effects from the stories can last a long time. Is the emotion what make the stories last?

I had the great pleasure of listening to two past service men. Yes, a Navy Seal and a Marine. While listening to their adventures from an active military life I am drawn in. Part with pride, and part with curiosity of what I might learn.

While we do not normally work in life an death situations we can learn from them.

They shared five traits of a leader.
1. Be curious, it was about learning. Keep learning everyday, you never know when or what you might need in the future.
2. Have a balance in your life. If you have balance and you have an issue you will be able to laser focus and overcome the obstacle in front of you.
3. Have a Tribe of people who understand you. They can give you direction at times without words.4. The help could be a look, a smile or a nod. You know they understand.
Always know your why. The why is your driver to do anything. When you know your why nothing else matters.
5. Share your scars. There are two kinds of scars. The first is physical such as a broken bone, a cut, lost limb. The other is much harder to find. It is mental and causes people to take their lives. When you share your scars it could help someone else struggling with the same issues.

Lucky for us most of us do not have to struggle with life and death situations.

Life lessons from lives making a difference.

Thank you Jared Ogden and Jake Schick

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