Happy Birthday to my Dad.

My father was a hard working contractor for many years, but there is more.

When I think of my Dad so many things come to mind.

I think about the stories he has told me of growing up in a shack with a dirt floor inĀ Arkansas.

I loved his nick-name is Sonny, because he always smiled when he was young, like me (some people called me Smiley).

I loved that he liked to work on radios when he was a teenager.

And he liked to fish!

I understand we all have our own perceptions of who our parents are, but sometimes there is more and we don’t know until later in life.

I always wanted to know about my father’s passion.

I remember one Christmas morning before we could open gifts we sat in the our living room and sang a few Christmas songs. That was horrible for the younger kids, we were up for our gifts.

I always knew he loved music, I never knew how much. He began playing and singing as a kid. He was a self-taught guitar player. He played in bands like many teens did. He even played in bands later in life. The last band he played with when he was in his 80’s, just a few years ago.

Over the years he learned how to play anything with a string. Banjo, mandolin and some others I can’t recall. This impresses me a great deal, as have zero musical inclination and a bad voice too!

He gave his music up to raise a family. That fact saddens me, but also makes me understand how much he loved his family.

It was not always easy, it never is growing up.

My turn to say “Thanks’ Dad” for giving up something so important for so many years to provide for your family.

Happy Birthday

Love you,