A follow up to “The True Meaning Of Champion”, Ray Evernham.

One of the greatest crew chiefs and most successful car owners in the history of NASCAR history. That is how the first line in his resume reads. The accomplishments are broken down to specifics such as three time NASCAR Cup Champion, 51 wins in 216 races, voted “Greatest Crew Chief of All-Time.

If success leaves a trail, I’m following this guy.

He was speaking about and shared 12 good definitions, here is number five, A CHAMPION  lives above pressure and thrives on it.

As I think about thriving under pressure it makes me cringe just a little bit. It makes me think of a time when I was under the gun on a big project. We were running out of time and the director of the project and I were having a conversation. A simple question was asked, and I gave generalized answer and it seemed to change the tone of the relationship for a short while.

When people are under pressure they could respond differently then in a normal circumstance.

I took responsibility and felt under the circumstances I should have been more clear. I did not handle my opportunity to live above the pressure or thrive.

It was a great learning experience for me to grow and move forward for my next opportunity.

I know now how to handle the communications in a major project much better.

Ninety percent of all harsh or bad feelings come from miscommunication.