A follow up to “The True Meaning Of Champion”, Ray Evernham.

One of the greatest crew chiefs and most successful car owners in the history of NASCAR history. That is how the first line in his resume reads. The accomplishments are broken down to specifics such as three time NASCAR Cup Champion, 51 wins in 216 races, voted “Greatest Crew Chief of All-Time.

If success leaves a trail, I’m following this guy.

He was speaking about and shared 12 good definitions, hereĀ isĀ number two:

A CHAMPION is not an individual star necessarily, but a team player who knows how to function with others.

I can’t think of an individual champion who does not have a team behind them.

I know the CHAMPION does a great deal more work than the average individual. I am not saying the CHAMPION does not have some natural talent, or gift. What I am saying is the CHAMPION puts in the work when most people would say I am good enough.

This is perfect example to review the 10 Seconds Daily thought process. A true CHAMPION decides they are going to win, and do what ever it takes within the rules to achieve the success desired.

We all have the ability to be better than we are today. You have to move forward each day.

So if you want to be better, then make better decisions and take action.

Thank you for spending some time with me today.