Today is always my favorite holiday. Today we get to share our independence with all the people that we love and more. We mark the 10th year for my wife and I to host a 4th of July Cookout. Boy has it grown from our days at our old house to more than 80 people expected today.

We do it for several reasons, some are personal and some of them are Rockies. We do it all with love in our hearts and respect for all. With the current news and the craziness of the world it is nice to gather our friends and share some music, food, festivities and fireworks too!

So, to you we wish for you a safe, fun holiday that you build great memories. One day we will all look back and wish for more just like today.

If you have served, or a family member that has served I want to personally thank you for your time, effort and energy.

Make some good memories today.

Charles Battles, this is such a great picture I had to use it. It shows many of the elements that I hold dear such as Honor, Integrity, Respect, Patriotism and Pride. As always we thank you.

Happy Independence Day