I love to tell the story of the blog and how it started and how I have blogged over 250,00 words.

As I think back to the beginning efforts the blog looked nothing like it does today. My first post was on a Google Blog Spot page. My effort began over a year earlier.

The Blog started as a personal challenge to gain more education. My goal was to write down or log one fact a day for an entire year. The guidelines were simple. Write a fact about anything, but it must be a fact about something I did not know prior. It was great and I found out about dogs, vitamins, travel and other areas I enjoyed while expanding my brain. One of my facts was to define what a blog was and how I could use it.

I was an electronic log that could be shared, for free. I could be about anything I wanted it to be about.

By the end of 2011 this idea of a blog continued to grow. January 2012 was research and I found a free blog posting site. 14 February 2012 was the first official published blog “The Power of Education“.

It is amazing what persistence and consistence will do for you over time. Having published more than 1,600 posts with more than 250,00 words written and over 200,000 page views.

This writing has helped me publish 6 books to date and allowed me to continue to grow daily.

The price is minutes a day over time unbelievable results.

Make sure you are planning for progress, and growth on a daily basis.

What is it that you can do to move forward today?

Thanks for joining me.