What are the first words out of your mouth each day? What are your prevailing thoughts. I have heard it said what goes into your ears comes out of your mouth. If you questions that thought ask any toddler and they will honestly tell you what they heard about most any topic. As adults we are not much different. You want my opinion just ask.

Do you wake up with thoughts of a new day, with new opportunities, excited for adventure and entertainment?

Or do you wake up and the first words out of your mouth are grumblings of issues or things that are wrong with the world, and much too tired to care?  What about politics, the weather or your local sports team on a skid.

I would love to do a scientific study on how long we stay in our initial mind-set. It would be a very simple. We could record the first mutterings of the morning.  What ever are the first spoken words good or bad.

Then we would document your interactions throughout the day.

What do I believe we would see? A small percentage of people would wake up early ready for the day. These people, the top producers, would cruise through the morning, maybe listening to a motivational tape or reading their favorite blog to start their day. Negativity is the furthest thing from their mind. They wake up ready to roll, they have things to do.

The next group of people by the time they had a shower and their first cup of coffee would start to change their mind-set for the day. Maybe the read an affirmation out loud.

Another percentage would take another hour to get going. Maybe they are “night-people”, they stay up late and start slow. They may have to make their commute to the office listening to their favorite music. Maybe by mid-morning they are hitting their stride.

There are some people who will never change that initial mind-set of the day. Empathy is what comes to mind. I feel bad for them because if I struggled with mind-set every day I know I would be miserable. They don’t want to interact with other people and just want to be left alone.

I have a personal vow to myself to never start the day with a negative comment. This commitment started years ago while working in sales. I knew if mind-set was perceived as angry it would change the interactions with clients and co-workers.

To be the best at what ever you do takes the right mind-set. Life is not perfect, there will be distractions and disasters in each of our lives. We still get to chose how we live through them, and the mind-set we adopt.

Learn to process your day and always move forward. Maybe you need coffee, music, an affirmation or a quiet ride to get your day started. Just do it (thanks Nike for that).

How do you adjust your mind-set and get your day started?

Thanks for visiting with me today.